We know that life can be a rocky road.


Rocky Road Publishing is a company focused on helping writers become published authors and existing authors become best-selling authorpreneurs.


We publish everyday people who have become the Heros of tomorrow by stepping out of the boat and taking leaps of faith to make the world a better place.


At the same time,  we strive to publish books that will navigate readers through some of life’s most difficult storms. 


Books with the Rocky Road logo in the nonfiction, fiction, and spiritual genres will entertain, inform, and inspire readers to go the next level in their personal and professional lives. Through storytelling, occasional humor and other narrative techniques, they will motivate readers to improve their performance, productivity, and passion and to overcome the problems that block their path to fulfilling their life’s purpose.


Authors are encouraged to submit their edited manuscripts via pdf for review to info@RockyRoadPublishing.com