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Linda D. Schoonover witnessed mental illness even before she understood the term. After her mother's suicide attempt and frequent lengthy stays in mental institutions, the author learned to cope with the chaos and shame that separated her from children in "normal" families. Once ashamed by her mother's paranoid schizophrenia, she now understands and champions children from similar homes who must not only overcome childhood trauma, but also find the sense of who they are separate from their family of origin. As an author, attorney, and former judge, she crusades to enlighten people about mental illness and childhood trauma.


She is a former family law judge with more than 30 years legal experience in family law as a board certified attorney, mediator, and judge. She knows the frustration when those seeking a simple or amicable divorce find themselves involved in a saga that drains their energy, time, and finances.  As an attorney and a former judge, she offers common sense and practical advice to avoid the chaos of the court system and the dark pit that is part of every contested divorce.