Divorce Made Simple (2)

Divorce Made Simple

Don’t make another decision until you read Divorce Made Simple—The Ultimate Guide. 

If you’re thinking of filing for divorce or are already in the middle of one, don’t take another step until you read this book! Divorce Made Simple helps you navigate through a divorce and steers you away from the obstacles that cost you time and money and threaten your financial and personal well-being. Written by a former divorce judge and family lawyer with more than 30 years experience, this best selling author shares practical advice, wisdom, and hot tips to empower you—with or without an attorney—to move through your divorce with confidence and clear direction.

Unlike other how-to books, this is one you won’t want to put down until you’ve read it cover to cover.  In this book, you’ll discover:

  • if divorce is your best or only alternative
  • if your marriage is irretrievably broken
  • how to avoid document wars
  • how to file a petition or answer without an attorney
  • why knowing if your attorney has these three c’s may be more important than other credentials
  • how you may qualify for financial relief without filing for divorce
  • how you can avoid paying high retainers
  • how to prepare for a temporary hearing even without an attorney
  • what you need to know before you fight for custody of your children, but what your attorney might not tell you
  • what you need to know before signing a retainer agreement with your attorney
  • what you need to know about child support, child custody and contact, alimony and equitable distribution
  • how to prepare for mediation
  • how to choose between mediation and a collaborative divorce
  • how these assumptions might affect your choice of attorneys
  • the short term and long term costs of divorce
  • how to reduce your attorney's fees from day one
  • what to expect at your final hearing


The Appendix provides you with links from every state to specific forms and resource as well as statutory residency and separation requirements.

About the Author: Linda D. Schoonover is a former family law judge with more than 30 years legal experience in family law as a board certified attorney, mediator, and judge. She knows the frustration when those seeking a simple or amicable divorce find themselves involved in a saga that drains their energy, time, and finances.  As an attorney and a former judge, she offers common sense and practical advice to avoid the chaos of the court system and the dark pit that is part of every contested divorce.